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Things are coming to an end

October 28th, 2013

Last time we talked, July 8th, I was about to leave for a big road trip. And before you ask, no, things did not go wrong. I am well and alive, living my last semester in the USA intensively. The trip, 36 days on the road, was remarkable, a good and peaceful farewell to the […]

Hello my friends, miss you all! But to use a friend’s sentence here “while the blog was asleep, life was happening”.  And life right now includes not much cooking but a few personal projects, a volunteer work with and urban gardens in the city as well as an exhaustive work on my photo portfolio. Plus, it […]

We are home! Oh yeah, I didn’t even tell you I was gone…well, if I can excuse myself, things were happening too fast, I barely had time to recover from the amazing Good Food Festival and a few days later we were kicking the road for our so expected spring break road trip towards the […]

Hi all, a briefly but significant recap of this past month and some exciting things coming up. First, check out the pictures of the very first Urban Livestock Expo, happened last February 16 in Chicago. I was thrilled to watch, learn and help documenting the event presented by the Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA), Chicago Chicken Enthusiasts, Angelic Organics […]

Kaza Magazine March Issue!

March 6th, 2013

A nice write up and a recipe featured in a gourmet session of an architecture and interior design magazine, the Kaza Magazine in Brazil!   So sweet! You can also check the recipe here!

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