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This recipe has been cooking for a while… be more precise, since January when my husband made a trip to India and Sri Lanka.  And being this incredible guy, he brought me beautiful props, cookbooks and lots, lots of inspiration. The house smelled like India for a couple weeks, in part because of his stuff, […]

My favorite restaurant!

May 16th, 2011

Usually when we talk about a restaurant we liked we start describing how unique was the service and how unbelievable good was the food. But Mocotó, a restaurante located on the largest Brazilian city, São Paulo, doesn’t need one more person saying they have the best “escondidinho” on the planet or the best “rapadura” ice […]

Surprising Pot Roast

December 5th, 2010

I love holidays food but between a turkey and a pork (and I’m going to eat a lot of pork on the next days!!!!), I need some red meat. Brazilians are usually known for the barbecue and their appreciation for beef. I totally honor it but, living in the United States, it can be a big […]

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