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Happy Easter!

April 4th, 2012

Since I am running short of time, I came here this week to share and idea rather than a new recipe: chocolate Easter eggs filled with brigadeiro. I used to make tons of chocolate Easter eggs in Brazil and didn’t really keep up with this tradition here. But last week my daughters started to ask […]

This week I asked a friend to send me a recipe for Valentines. And I am super glad I did! My kitchen still smells a mix of brown sugar, honey, cinnamon and cloves since Tuesday. Those are just the base ingredients for honey bread or pão de mel. Now add to it a creamy dulce […]

Thanks for your patience! I can say I’m totally back now; I just needed some time to put things on their right place. It’s always good to go to Brazil and to see family again but all the talk about hospitals and health care just made me want my home back very badly. But among […]

November is definitely my month to give thanks. Not because it’s Thanksgiving time and not because this is the month of my parent’s birthday (yeah, both) and if they were not here I would not be in this world either. No, I could but I don’t want to go that far. I would love to […]

I know, I know, it’s not Feb 14th. And I’m not crazy either. I told you before: I’m a lucky girl, I celebrate Valentines twice.  That’s because June 12th is the love day for us Brazilians. I’m not sure why we are different since our foundations are so European. Some people say it’s based on […]

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