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Brigadeiros to help Japan!

March 24th, 2011

For one more time the virtual word is expressing its huge power by stepping in and calling up the real word. It’s time to help Japan!!! So, food bloggers couldn’t stay apart and an online bake-sale is about to start at The Tomato Tart. Sabrina Modelle, the host, came up with the idea, contacted some […]

Don’t wait!!!

February 10th, 2011

Yesterday I heard somebody on the TV saying a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand. Well, I don’t agree at all, for me a balanced diet is a MAPLE CARAMEL BAR in each hand (and some leftovers in the kitchen, of course). Sadly, I broke my foot last Sunday and, at this moment, […]

Here we are, after the third biggest snowstorm of Chicago, admiring the snow that’s falling again. But for this time, it comes silently, without wind or fanfare, turning whiter what was already white . Beautiful! So, to show my admiration, WHITE CHOCOLATE! And just because our next candy is pink and chocolaty, it doesn’t mean it’s perfect […]

Getting ready for Valentines!!

February 1st, 2011

Computer broke! Yes, bad news! It’s getting better now but I had to take a break from the virtual world. Good thing is I spent my time cooking and got a few posts done for Valentines!!! I’m going to publish them on the next days, starting today. First I have to say something. Brazil doesn’t celebrate […]

one more cookie…

December 9th, 2010

I’m leaving today to Brazil. A lot of expectation and a mix of feelings: seeing the whole family, visiting familiar places, talking in Portuguese, talking freely without looking for the right word, eating together, eating the food I always used to eat. Oh my, I need a cookie right now!!! I’m in a hurry, packing, […]

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