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Finally, here is my pumpkin soup. With two days of delay but it is here. And I know, you don’t need another recipe for pumpkin soup but still I thought I should give it a try. Believe me, the result is quite interesting. Base is simple, roasted pumpkin with a touch of nutmeg and sage, […]

I had a bunch of good things happening this year and I can’t complain at all! But the last days of 2011 are kind of cloudy. A small health issue brought me to Brazil this week and that’s exactly from where I am writing to you now. Fortunately, everything is solved and I’m fine. But […]

Kale again, I know. Sorry, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve been dating this soup since October, when a cousin who had recently visited Portugal brought me a magazine featuring a recipe for “caldo verde”. I wonder what my mom would say here. As far as I remember, she used to make soup at least once a week […]

A post as a guest!

November 15th, 2011

Just to let you know, a mashed potato is waiting for you at A Clove of Garlic, a Pinch of Salt……. Tiffany, a friend I met (not in person yet) through this wonderful blog world, asked fellow food-bloggers to share some related Thanksgiving recipes in her space and I promptly volunteered for that. Why? Because […]

If I could choose one thing from the Northern hemisphere to take with me it would be the changing of seasons. I’m really, really jealous about each tiny aspect of it. The breeze that announces summer is over and berries that announce summer just began again; melting and muddy snow telling winter’s gone and its […]

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