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Thanksgiving is gone and so far, no more than a few snow flakes here in Chicago. It seems everything is going slowly but the time. I remember last year we were surrounded by a big eagerness as we were packing to go to Brazil, spend the Holidays at “home”; and because of that, November felt […]

If I could choose one thing from the Northern hemisphere to take with me it would be the changing of seasons. I’m really, really jealous about each tiny aspect of it. The breeze that announces summer is over and berries that announce summer just began again; melting and muddy snow telling winter’s gone and its […]

It’s corn time!

June 3rd, 2011

Finally an ingredient to celebrate together, it’s time for corn my people!! Here and there, from South to North, everybody is eating corn!! Well, with such bad weather, maybe here in Chicago it will take more time for corn to kick off. The prices are getting down though and if it’s not possible to grill […]

It’s just that simple!

February 27th, 2011

It’s still winter, but as things happen in advance here, spring talking is everywhere. Even spring break is about to start where I live. I can understand why; first this country is so much organized and focused then other places I know (although this is not necessarily good!). Second, this is a huge country where some […]

Coming back

January 16th, 2011

I tried, really!! But it was so hard to write on the last week. The time in Brazil went so fast and we spent the last days hurrying, trying to do everything, see everybody and eat every food we missed. Good news is now I’ve a lot to share, including recipes (because I know I’m […]

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