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If you didn’t get the chance to make the simply delightful olive oil-based pain de mie from last week, here goes another reason for giving it a try: this sandwich. Ok, you don’t have to have homemade bread on hand to start, just use whatever bread – read “good bread” – you like but please, […]

Brazilian Cheese Bread!

December 22nd, 2011

Christmas is all about family to me. And when I say family I am including aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, in laws, even actual boyfriends or girlfriends that would show up in my grandma’s house. I don’t get the chance to spend every single Christmas Eve like that anymore but every year all these people, […]


November 23rd, 2011

aaa So folks, in case you are looking for a last minute cornbread recipe for your Thanksgiving table, here it goes! And it is a GOOD one!! Furthermore I would not try to roast a turkey for a family of four…. hum, maybe next year I can find some solution for that; but for now, […]

There are two things I can’t live without: my computer and a good loaf of bread. Three days ago my computer crashed and put me down very badly. He is just a six months old machine that has been used intensively since it came to my hands. I knew he was trying to tell me […]

A real breakfast dish

September 30th, 2011

For a while, the only idea I had in my mind about American breakfast was the one pictured on the movies: a humongous and sweaty guy seated in a red booth inside of a 50’s style restaurant, eating a huge pile of pancakes topped with greasy strips of bacon and a couple fried eggs. Suddenly, […]

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