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  I posted on my Facebook page, a couple weeks ago (ok, maybe three or four) I had a pretty amazing adventure, documenting the “behind the scenes” of Gigi Verrey at WGN TV Midday News for their Lunchbreak segment. Finally, I am here to talk a bit more about her work and guess what? Share one […]

I had a bunch of good things happening this year and I can’t complain at all! But the last days of 2011 are kind of cloudy. A small health issue brought me to Brazil this week and that’s exactly from where I am writing to you now. Fortunately, everything is solved and I’m fine. But […]

The really first thing I remember making on the kitchen was bread. Two basic recipes my mom used to make, onion bread and “homemade” bread that in Brazil usually means a very soft crumb resembling brioche or sandwich bread, very cakey. It comes as a movie in my head:  blending liquids, measuring flour, mixing, kneading, […]

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