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It’s Christmas!!

December 24th, 2010

For me, Christmas began a few days ago, when we got here in Brazil. A colorful, hot and rainy Christmas full of gifts: the old streets, the same houses and faces, the fresh market and its sweet fruits, the familiar scents and the well known tastes!!!

Holiday classics!

December 19th, 2010

We’re at home, in Brazil, and as I already thought, it’s been hard to write. And even harder is to keep focused and to choose the right recipe to share. Here we eat all day long, believe me!!!!! Finally, I thought it’d be good to celebrate one more time the meeting between Brazil and United […]

one more cookie…

December 9th, 2010

I’m leaving today to Brazil. A lot of expectation and a mix of feelings: seeing the whole family, visiting familiar places, talking in Portuguese, talking freely without looking for the right word, eating together, eating the food I always used to eat. Oh my, I need a cookie right now!!! I’m in a hurry, packing, […]

Surprising Pot Roast

December 5th, 2010

I love holidays food but between a turkey and a pork (and I’m going to eat a lot of pork on the next days!!!!), I need some red meat. Brazilians are usually known for the barbecue and their appreciation for beef. I totally honor it but, living in the United States, it can be a big […]

Playing with flour

December 2nd, 2010

Compared to the first post, that’s not the best picture, I agree! But I kind of have feelings for it. As soon as I got to choose the name for the blog, I knew it should be the recipe to start with.  You know, “Give me flour”, “flour”, flour makes bread and so……. And that’s one […]

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