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Got a lot of Easter leftovers on the fridge? Well, me too! And it just brought me up an issue I’ve thinking about since I watched this movie: Food Waste. I know, it’s about a faraway land called Australia and doesn’t have anything to do with us right? Well, actually it does. I grew up […]

It’s holiday again! I love to use it as an excuse to make something new and special. But that’s one of those posts where I get half-hearted. After all, we are talking about Easter, a synonymous of chocolate eggs for Brazilians. You gotta have one, it’s a statement! That’s the chocolate season out there. Grocery […]

Do you know those days where nothing can satisfy you? You feel you want to eat something different from your everyday meals but you don’t have a clue about what to prepare? Yeah, it happens with me more often than you think. Eating has a lot to do with my mood and even though I […]

Yeah, It’s bread again. But now it’s time for sandwich.  Tartine bread project is doing well and yesterday I got my first polenta loaf. And what could be better with polenta than oxtail?? Yes, I eat oxtail! I’m a girl that bakes bread and eats oxtail!! I have to thank my mom again; she taught […]

The really first thing I remember making on the kitchen was bread. Two basic recipes my mom used to make, onion bread and “homemade” bread that in Brazil usually means a very soft crumb resembling brioche or sandwich bread, very cakey. It comes as a movie in my head:  blending liquids, measuring flour, mixing, kneading, […]

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