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If I lived in a perfect world I would say my mom is my best friend, I’d say she taught me all I know today, I’d say she was always by my side when I needed her.

But no, that’s not a perfect word. My mom is not my best friend, she didn’t teach me all I know and she wasn’t always there. But if she failed a few times as a mom, I’d failed too as a daughter, failed for being impatient, for expecting too much, for not measuring my words.

The truth is my mom and I are extremely alike, alike to the point of repelling each other. But among disagreements and fights I still know one of her favorite ice cream is lime ice cream. And I guess it means something to think and feel she deserves a big batch of it on Mothers day!

What makes this ice cream so special, besides the fact I’m making it for my mom, is its origin. The recipe comes from my grand grandmother or my mom’s grandmother cookbook. I already told you about this book, the “magic book”, and you are probably gonna see more of its recipes here. So, this ice cream recipe is from the time that there was no refrigerator or electric machines do help doing the job.

I’ve tried to follow each step and preserve as much as I could of the original. And it was funny to see the differences and how the way we understand and taste food today had changed.

First, the recipe requires a lot of sugar because it comes from the time when sugar wasn’t evil.

Second, the flavor would be considered mild by our pampered palate, so used to artificial flavors and over seasoned food.

Third there was no other word than ice cream, at least in Portuguese, for frozen desserts like that. Sorbet is pretty much new to our vocabulary and, in that time, it didn’t matter if one was using cream or not. Ice cream was just ice cream.

Finally, the way recipes were written could easily drive one nuts. Simple as possible, missing a lot of explanation and measures. Tell me, how big a lime can be?? And how much juice can I extract from a lime witch I don’t even know if it’s the proper size?

Truly time traveling with a lot of guessing involved, no??

This is the original recipe translated, of course. In the book, the ice cream chapter begins with a quick explanation on how to prepare and use an ice cream machine (no electricity involved). This explains the “freeze as indicated” sentence.

I used my fridge, after all it was invented for a reason. As the idea is make ice cream and not a big ice juice block, we have to follow a few steps. Put the mixture on freezer just after it’s completely cold and try to mix every hour until the mixture is creamy in texture. You are gonna have an authentic early 20th century ice cream.

So, as I said, the amount of juice is very unclear. Since I didn’t have four large limes, I used three smaller ones and two big lemons, which gave me a total of 250ml of juice. I added also a bit of lemon zest, I guess my grand grandmother wouldn’t care and my mom would love it!!

And for those with insatiable sweet tooth, try this sauce!

Mix sugar, heavy cream, baking soda, honey, lemon grass and butter in a medium sauce pan. Bring to medium heat and cook stirring constantly, until amber in color.

Turn off the heat and add lime juice, stir, and strain, letting it cool before serving.

If it’s too thick, just add more lime juice until you get the desired consistency.

8 Responses to “Lime ice cream for my mom”

  1. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

    Love the top shot especially! Just went running so this looks so refreshing right now <3

  2. ash

    had to come here too. Lemon grass caramel sauce too!! Eek, that has to be the best thing ever!

  3. amanda areias

    Thanks Ladies!
    Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets, you are right, it’s really refreshing!!
    Ash, at least my mom and I are different in one thing, she likes acid and sour flavors and I love SUGAR!! So, I had to come with this sauce to make the ice cream even more sweet!! 🙂 …it’s heaven!!

  4. Patricia Scarpin

    One of my favorite ice cream flavors – give me anything lime or lemon and I am a happy girl!

  5. amanda areias

    Thanks Patricia! Good see you here!

  6. Melissa@EyesBigger

    your photos, as always, are gorgeous. I can’t eat ice cream but the lemon grass caramel sauce sounds divine!

  7. amanda areias

    Hi Melissa! You can use the caramel in other recipes, definitely!! Hope you like it!

  8. Snapshooter

    Hello there! Do you think that the lemongrass caramel would go well with a pumpkin flavor?

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