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A real breakfast dish

September 30th, 2011

For a while, the only idea I had in my mind about American breakfast was the one pictured on the movies: a humongous and sweaty guy seated in a red booth inside of a 50’s style restaurant, eating a huge pile of pancakes topped with greasy strips of bacon and a couple fried eggs. Suddenly, he grabs a bottle filled with a viscous liquid and starts to pour this kind of “honey” – which I discovered later it was maple syrup – on top of his meal making the mess even bigger.

Let’s agree, that’s not the best way to present a meal Americans consider to be the most important of their day, right?

Fortunately, I know now breakfast is much more than that and this egg casserole helped me a lot in this process. It was introduced to me by my English teacher, Ceci. She brought it to class one morning and the whole entire pan was gone in less than five minutes. That’s even more significant if you consider my class has probably more than ten nationalities represented, a bunch of different people used to so many different tastes; and this powerful dish pleased all of them.

A few days later she gave me the recipe and I’ve been told it was her mom’s specialty. I made it a few times, always on weekends, when we like to have a later breakfast – or a brunch, if you prefer. It’s simple, easy and holds as many variations as your imagination can think about.

To help the folks in Brazil and give them a more authentic flavor, I’m adding here an Alton Brown’s recipe for homemade pork sausage. You can just buy your favorite brand or give it a try.

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  1. june2

    You could probably substitute mushrooms for the pork to make it low fat and/or vegetarian. Looks amazing!

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