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Farmer’s Market Season

May 25th, 2011

Last Saturday I woke up 5am, just to get the beginning of my first Farmer’s Market of the year on Division St. in downtown.

But I didn’t go there obsessed for buying the best or freshest products. I’m not that kind of cook and I’ll never be. There are a few things that make me wake up so early and shopping is NOT one of them. And even if it was my intent, I’d not have to worry; actually I could count on my hands the number of people that showed up before 8am.

I went there to take some shots and get an assignment done for a photography class I’m taking and that I’m in love with. So, I left home early wishing to see how the whole thing happens. Funny is I had the story in my head and, by the time I was driving, I was imagining the farmers arriving, the noise, the big wood box filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.

I know, sometimes I just forgot I live in Chicago. And I was warned before by Penny De Los Santos: “Farmers Market in the United States are a cliché!”. No improvised tents, impeccably organized, no noise and, since we are talking about Chicago, just a few vegetables and no fruits yet.

But man, I have to say, what a joy to be there, getting to meet incredible people and feeling in each person the pleasure of shopping outdoors again after a stubborn and persistent winter.

And the local fruits are coming soon. Steve, a guy from the Lehman’s Orchard, said weather this year is not collaborating but in two weeks they should start to show their faces. Perfect excuse to go back!!

Meanwhile we can enjoy a big variety of fresh herbs, different kinds of cheese, a lot of goodies and pastries, meat and sausages, asparagus and rhubarb, the stars of the day. Ah! And don’t forget the flowers, ‘cause after all, it’s spring.

7 Responses to “Farmer’s Market Season”

  1. kelly@SnailsView

    What a beautiful morning Amanda! And those mushrooms, wow! Nice post!

  2. amanda areias

    Thanks Kelly!

  3. Ceci

    Amanda, Beautiful photos… You have inspired me to take that trek into the city for a farmer’s market this summer.

  4. amanda areias

    Thanks Ceci!

  5. Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

    I love the farmers’ market and love how you captured it. I’m thinking I’ll need to check out my local farmers’ market before the official opening time now! I just found your site and really like it.. your photography is so beautiful.

  6. amanda areias

    Eva, thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! I’m glad you liked the pictures!

  7. Ana y Jules

    Love the pictures! Everyday, you become a better and better photographer. What a great eye for shots and what a beautiful day God gave you to enjoy.

    Keep taking great pictures and sharing them!


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