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Strawberry Festival!

June 30th, 2011

It has been like that around here, on the first sign of sun everybody goes out no matter what.

That’s ‘cause summer had never being so fallish! Awful temperatures for this time of the year. Just closed the window to keep a chili breeze away from my concentration, and it’s not even close to the sunset yet!!!

Yeah! I know, I’ve been complaining a lot but I’m full of reasons. My sister came from Brazil to spend three weeks with us and became kind of a slave of the weather. Seriously, we had to cancel a few plans because of rains. She even experienced a tornado warning and an evacuation. Crazy!!

Well, at least strawberries are safe and the Strawberry Festival did happen this last weekend on Long Grove. And I had to be there, of course. First because the sun came out and the heat was on! Second, I had to feed my hunger for festivals, noise, people, crowds and street food!!!

Long Grove is a historical village about 40 minutes to an hour north from Chicago and promotes this kind of festivals all year around. But you don’t have to wait for the next feast to be there. The village is a conglomerate of charming historical buildings hosting cozy restaurants, art galleries, chocolate stores, not to talk about the legendary Apple Haus and its superb bake-in-a-bag apple pie.

But if you still wanna go in a festival be aware the major ingredient in season is just an excuse to promote the feasts cause, to be honest, we didn’t find a variety of strawberries or strawberry dishes.   It’s still good anyway!

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