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November 27th, 2010

Couldn’t write earlier. I was still digesting the Thanksgiving Dinner. Can you picture that? An American family hosting a Brazilian family and a Chinese friend; the menu, venison prepared as a (kind of) Japanese teriyaki and cranberry Mexican style salsa with tortilla chips as appetizer, followed, of course, by an amazing and traditional thanksgiving meal. A replete table, good, homemade and festive food:

And just one thing came to my mind, the words of the great Brazilian poet Drummond:

What a power has a festive table, the power to link not just the people in the house but the cultures and worlds we’ve known and experienced!!

Now it’s time to move forward, Christmas’ coming!

Thanksgiving is already memory….


2 Responses to “THE TABLE”

  1. miriam charter

    I love your blog. It is like reading poetry! Your writing is like your cooking — every morsel is tasteful!

  2. Ana

    I love it! Amanda your writing is like poetry. I love the quote. What a wonderful gift it is to gather with friends and enjoy delicious food.

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