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Fresh tomatoes!

September 9th, 2011

I’m back and Give me flour too… Actually, I’m home since August 26th, trying to process my mind, to return, not physically, but mentally, to my daily activities. Travelling for 47 days we’ve seen so many things, crossed a lot of borders, heard different accents, felt different airs, smelled different aromas, eaten new flavors, taken a lot, I mean, a lot of pictures.

Head is really full and organizing everything is not easy. And the questions about life are endless!! Just to give you an example, I got so used to cook in a camping stove, using just two pots and a few utensils that I keep asking myself all the time: why do I need all this stuff in my kitchen?

It’s a weird feeling to be back, I have to say. Fortunately a trip like that makes you feel like life is starting again, even though you are coming back to the same old routine. So, after bears on the trail, rattlesnakes on the campsite, bisons and wolves on the road it is sort of good to be home again, to restart.

For now that’s just a “hi”, just to say things are ok. Actually, things are more than ok. First, I got a bunch of fresh tomatoes from a friend last week and they gave me the most amazing roasted tomato sauce ever, a pure delight to a person who’d been eaten freeze-dried food for quite a while. Second, I felt so honored this week to see the Brigadeiro Tutorial featured in a blog I really admire, Kitchen Corners. Damaris, the blogger, writes a miscellaneous of things since 2007 about her family’s life, sharing recipes and doing a, as she says, anything-I-can-think-of-blog on the way. Did I mention she has really good taste/eyes for design and new ideas she shares in her design blog? Oh, did I mention she has the most amazing underwater photos? Click on the picture to see more!!!

And it didn’t stop here. Tiffany, from the blog A Clove of Garlic, A Pinch of Salt, in her sweet words encouraged me so much to keep going with the blog and my English. I guess I just got a new friend.

If I didn’t say it directly, here it goes: THANKS GIRLS!

And I promise to all I’ll be back soon to share the best food moments of our adventures!

Oh, and I did miss my oven!!! How I missed my oven!!!

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  1. Tiffany

    Oh! I have a huge smile on my face. I am so incredibly happy that the inspiration you provided for me turned around and inspired you, as well. Yes, you got a new friend, and one that will always be awed at your bilingual skills — eu estou tentando, mas e’ muito dificil falar em duas linguas! Keep it up, you are rocking at it!!! 🙂

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