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September 23rd, 2011

If you are on your 30’s big chances are when you think Seattle you think music.  Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam are all familiar names, right? And if you are with me you probably know tomorrow is Nevermind’s birthday, twenty years of Nirvana’s biggest album.

Yeas, I had a really bad grunge phase in my life. And it can be translated in red hair, checkered flannel shirts – even living in the Brazilian climate – and a kind of I-don’t-care-about-my-appearance attitude. It didn’t last long tough. I mean, I still appreciate the music and I’m pretty good at being indifferent about what I’m wearing, but the tinted red hair is gone.

So, when we were planning our trip to the West, the music lead us to Seattle. We wanted to get closer, and among tons of music historic facts we ended discovering Seattle has a big foot on the world of food and the oldest continuously operating market in the country: Pike Place.

The market is vibrant!! We were lucky and got a pretty good weather in the rainy city but I doubt it was the cause for all the excitement. People, including myself, were just happy to be there, surrounded by organic ingredients, the freshest seafood, Pacific breeze and magnificent mountains on the horizon.

A unique destination, for sure; a place where you can choose to sample a handmade cheese or different types of covered cherries, smell a thousand essences coming from Marketspice, taste pipping hot mini-doughnuts and get to know the original and very first Starbucks’store. Or maybe, just get a seat at Lowells, eat an ordinary fish and chips while enjoying a not ordinary view of the Olimpics and Canadian Mountains.

2 Responses to “Seattle”

  1. Becky (Nelson) Hunter

    Beautiful as always my friend! So excited to see all of you!!

  2. Kelly

    GREAT pics! I love Seatle, it’s time to return for a visit…

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