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A post as a guest!

November 15th, 2011

Just to let you know, a mashed potato is waiting for you at A Clove of Garlic, a Pinch of Salt……. Tiffany, a friend I met (not in person yet) through this wonderful blog world, asked fellow food-bloggers to share some related Thanksgiving recipes in her space and I promptly volunteered for that. Why? Because I felt like I needed to return, in some way, all the fun moments I have reading her blog and following her adventures in the kitchen.  It’s an honor to be there!

Oh, and don’t let to check her blog during the week for more Thanksgiving recipes!

5 Responses to “A post as a guest!”

  1. Tiffany

    Amanda, people love it! Within the first day it became my second-most clicked viewed post of the month, only after one that Google sends about 100 people to A DAY. So really, it is the most viewed for the month already. Way to go! I am making this recipe for my Bible study’s thanksgiving dinner. Excited to share with friends 🙂

  2. Damaris

    How fun. It’s good to do a guest post every once in a while. In fact I should have you do one on Kitchen Corners. Actually in all seriousness I’m seriously thinking about writing a book proposal. Guess how many good Brazilian food cookbooks in English are out there…so far I’ve found none. So if the book proposal ever gets written and ever gets accepted the first thing I’ll do is try to convince you to collaborate with me so you can take the pictures. What do you say, vamos nessa?

  3. amanda areias

    Are you kidding me?? You have already convinced me Da!!! OMG!!!!! Ever day I’m more and more fascinated by the photography world, shooting a cookbook would be like a dream coming true!!!

  4. Tiffany

    I don’t know what she says, but I say, “DO IT!!!” I would SO buy it. Shoot– I would buy a bunch and give them as gifts. And then I would try every recipe in the book and Paulo would fall in love with me even more 🙂

  5. amanda areias

    Tiffany, I already told you but it doesn’t hurt to say it again, I just loved the experience and it was a pleasure to “visit” you. And thanks for your words, I totally agree, a Brazilian cookbook in English sounds really amazing and I would love to be part of a project like that! 🙂

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