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I wish you could smell it!!

January 27th, 2012

Remember last week I gave you the impression things were all right?? Well, I lied. I’m still running to get things back to normal and my photography class is consuming tons of my time. I swear, I swear to you I tried to get a recipe for this post but I just couldn’t; which is really sad because I am sooo ready for bacalhau or salt cod, as you prefer!!

In the end of December I found a small box of salt cod at Whole Foods, which is really rare. And since then I’ve dreaming to share it with you along with some pics I took last year of the Mercado Municipal, the major public fresh market located on the city of São Paulo and a place that sells some of the best salt cods available out there.

Well, the recipe will have to wait but the market is here…..and its best products to fill your eyes with desire! I wish you could smell it!

Oh, it’s my way also to honor a city just turned 458 years old. Happy anniversary Sao Paulo!



8 Responses to “I wish you could smell it!!”

  1. Kasey

    Take me with you!

  2. ilse

    I wish that I could be there 🙂

  3. Y

    Oh wow, wish I could be there!

  4. Sanda


  5. Michelle

    lovely! Take care!

  6. la domestique

    Gorgeous photos, and what a beautiful market!

  7. Marisa

    Beautiful pictures! Almost better than the real thing.

    Did you eat a famous mortadella sandwich during your visit?

  8. Valentina

    Your blog is so beautiful and uplifting. I am completely in love with it.

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