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Happy Easter!

April 4th, 2012

Since I am running short of time, I came here this week to share and idea rather than a new recipe: chocolate Easter eggs filled with brigadeiro. I used to make tons of chocolate Easter eggs in Brazil and didn’t really keep up with this tradition here. But last week my daughters started to ask and I could not ignore their desire.

Besides, I feel like my sort of weariness for chocolate is gone. I’ve been eating a lot, I mean, a lot of chocolate lately, which is not good for the scale neither for my relationship.  Not that my husband complains about my extra weight, I can’t even imagine he doing that, no, he is not this kind of guy, lucky me. The problem is he is a crazy chocoholic, the one who buys chocolate and hides it from me and from the girls.

Of course I know all his secret places and never really cared about it. But now, for some reason, I catch myself carving for small bars all the time, eating his secret stock and pretending everything is fine. It can’t be good, can it?


So, back to the chocolate eggs……..

As I said, I used to make and sell a lot of chocolate eggs back in Brazil; if I am not wrong, I got to melt about 120lb of chocolate on the last time, working day and night like crazy to get everything done in time. Stuffed egg was my best seller and I still keep getting comments about it. You can use brigadeiro, a creamy ganache, marshmallow or whatever you like, the important piece here is the surprise factor.

So, chocolate Easter eggs filled with brigadeiro, because there’s always time for some chocolate.

Start with brigadeiro. Mix sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, salt and honey in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat stirring constantly, for about 10 minutes. Add heavy cream and dark chocolate; I told you they are optional but since you are using brigadeiro as a filling, I strongly recommend you add these ingredients for an extra creaminess. Stir, cook for one more minute and turn off the heat. Pour brigadeiro into a plate and let it cool completely before using.

Cut chocolate in small pieces and place in a bowl. Melt chocolate in a microwave on medium power, stirring each 30 seconds. Be careful to not overheat your chocolate.

Now comes the tempering. That’s a quick process I like to use for small batches of chocolate. Place the bowl inside of a cold water bath. Water doesn’t have to be freezing, just cold.

Stir constantly until you notice the first sign of solidification on the bottom. Take the chocolate bowl out of the water bath immediately and keep stirring for a few more minutes.

Chocolate is ready to be used when it feels chilled to your lips. For more tips and a better tutorial you can check this other post here.

Make the egg’s shell. Fill any concavity with tempered chocolate and invert the mold over a bowl to drain off the excess. Cover the mold with foil, turn it upside down let the chocolate set.

Fill concavities with cooled brigadeiro leaving about 3mm (1/8’) of space.

Cover each piece with more tempered chocolate. Lightly, knock the mold against a hard surface to remove any air pocket. Let it stand at room temperature for 15 minutes and then on the fridge for extra 10 minutes.

Invert the mold into a flat surface. Eggs should come out easily. Keep it at room temperature up to 4 days.

Oh, before I forget, I finally got to put some photos on my About page, showing of my face. Super shy to do that though… Happy Easter!

10 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

  1. Kasey

    Hello pretty lady! It’s so nice to see your face! 🙂 I’m a crazy chocoholic myself (luckily, my husband and I share this love of chocolate). I’ve never tempered chocolate (soo scary!) but I really, really need to learn how. Thanks for the inspiration. Happy Easter!

  2. Magda

    Oh, this is a chocoholic’s dream. So pretty, these eggs!
    Yes, there’s always time for chocolate 🙂

    Have a Happy Easter!

  3. Tiffany

    Oh my goodness, you are amazing! How WONDERFUL these sound!

    Friend, you are absolutely beautiful, no need to be shy!!! Now I finally have a face to put with “Amanda, my blog friend” 🙂

  4. sweet road

    These look so yummy! Chocolate holidays are my favorite… Easter, Valentine’s Day… I think that’s all ?

  5. la domestique

    The eggs look amazing! I’m the chocoholic who hides bits around the house. This is a very dangerous post for me. 🙂

  6. Amanda Areias

    Ladies, I was really scared to show my face, thanks for all the complements :).
    About the chocolate eggs, I have to agree, they are super tempting…and guarantee of success, believe me. 2008 was the last time I had made them and for my surprise, last week I got a message from a friend saying Easter has been not the same since them……so sweet!

    And Kasey, I know exactly how you feel about tempering chocolate but there’s always a first time. Don’t be scared, start tempering small portions and you will see a lot what they say over there is nothing but a myth.

  7. Maile

    The eggs look delicious! They would disappear in no time at all at this house. P.S. Your about pics are clever and cute. 🙂

  8. Ana

    I miss having lots of options for chocolate eggs here. 🙁

    Yours look amazing! I should’ve bought an egg pan and made my own! I’ll definitely do that when I have kids 🙂

    Happy Easter!

  9. Sonia

    Wow. Honestly, this is one of the most deliciously looking things I have ever seen.

  10. Ashley

    Wow, these look unbelievable! The middle photo from the last set is outstanding. LOVE!

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