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I posted on my Facebook page, a couple weeks ago (ok, maybe three or four) I had a pretty amazing adventure, documenting the “behind the scenes” of Gigi Verrey at WGN TV Midday News for their Lunchbreak segment. Finally, I am here to talk a bit more about her work and guess what? Share one of her recipes with you!!

Gigi is author of “Okay, So I Got Fat” and we have been working together in some pictures to promote her book and website. Telling you it has been a joy seems not enough.

After photographing (and eating) a few of her recipes I have to say, her food really reflects her passion for cooking, simple but boldly wonderful tasty food. And it doesn’t stop there, the bonus is all things she offers are well thought to put a balanced meal on the table and make we feel good about ourselves.

The recipes are based on what she calls “progressive meals”, where recipes can be doubled, transformed and used in multiple dishes. A yummy sesame crusted Tilapia, for example, can be turned into fish tacos on the next day and the roasted corn with hot paprika and cilantro from Monday becomes a creamy and comfort puree for Wednesday lunch.

It is basically tons of great tips for a better and healthier life in a simple and relaxed way. Who needs more than that?

The dressing for this salad, for instance, is just one of many variations for the single basic dressing she teaches on the book. The base, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt, gains another dimension when combined with just two new ingredients, sage and blueberries preserve.

Toss a good portion of arugula with these flavors and voilá, an amazing salad is created! And for a signature salad of your own, Gigi recommends also sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, apricots, dates or raisins.

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3 Responses to “Arugula salad with blueberry preserve and sage dressing”

  1. Peggy

    This sounds amazing! I’m so glad I planted some sage in the garden this year because I definitely foresee this dressing in my future!

  2. Susanne

    Hi Amanda, I just discovered your blog via homeboundtheheartoflife. I really love to see how many wonderful foodblogs are existing and having the oportunity seeing and discovering them! Really like your coulours and your style. Yummy for the eyes! Cheers from your new reader from Germany Susanne

  3. amanda areias

    Susanne, thanks for stopping by!!

    Peggy, let me know how you like it!

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