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Italian heritage!

May 31st, 2012

Looking through my pictures I found these photos from a trip we did to Brazil at the end of 2010. And I thought “You know what? It is never too late to share memories, especially good ones”.

The pics were taken in an Italian restaurant in São Paulo, the Biondella Massas. It is not a sophisticated cantina, with a classy ambient and spectacular service. It is more like an everyday kind of restaurant and actually, the owners are known for their bad temper. But the food, ah the food…… pause, my mouth is watering…..

I would say Italian food in Brazil, particularly in São Paulo, is usually something hard to forget. Italians helped build the city and they left, besides the strong accent, an amazing culinary heritage.

Biondella is not an exception: handmade pasta, amazingly fresh sauces and flavors that can blow anyone away. Rondellis are the one I miss the most, a lasagna kind of pasta filled with a variety of cheeses, sometimes chicken or ham, topped and baked with sauce of your choice.

It is not a touristic place and I don’t want it to be (***whispering: If you visit São Paulo, don’t miss the chance!!). If you don’t have plans to go there, well…you have got to try this recipe my friend!

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