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Mammoth Brewing

October 30th, 2012

Just stopping to bring some color to this day! It is quite windy here in Chicago, grey sky and a weird felling anticipating Halloween. Nothing compared to NY though. I’d seen frightful scenes and decided not to look anymore. As a victim of a few bad floods, I really hope people are doing alright out there and that recover comes quickly.

 So, at least something good, this unpleasant day brought me back to the kitchen.  I am cooking! Right now I am working in a not- everyday pumpkin soup to cheer you – and me – up.

Meanwhile let me show you something:

No, it is not just a beer, it is THE BEER – with all capital letters it deserves. Mammoth Brewing crossed our way (or we crossed their way…) over the summer, when we stopped and camped at Tuolumne Meadows. Cesar, my husband, brought a bottle to the campground in one of our first nights there and after that the Tuolumne Meadows store became a mandatory stop for us.

Double Nut, as they say, is a Mammoth legend. No nuts are used during the brewing but, still, notes of coffee and dark chocolate revels a roasty and nutty character. And we fell in love with the beer even before knowing it had competed with 42 other entries and received the gold medal in the World Beer Cup for the Brown Porter category.

Of course we didn’t stop there. After leaving Yosemite, we headed to Mammoth Lakes just to visit their Tasting Room. Oh man, what can I say…… I guess they proved to have just the right motto: Beer as big as the Eastern Sierra.

Lucky are all of you who live, are visiting, or planning to go to California ‘cause the beer doesn’t cross its borders – unless you buy it and ship it yourself.  If you have the chance to try, let me know. Meanwhile I will stand here, dreaming I will be able to taste it again someday 😉

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  1. jaime @ sweet road

    Yum! I’ve actually never been a huge beer fan, but I learned that was because I wasn’t really exploring all the great beer options. Now that I’ve found some really well made craft beers I’ve begun to find my niche in the beer world. I’ll keep an eye out for this one!

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