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New Year’s resolution!!

January 3rd, 2011

We left Brazil two years and a half ago to study in the United States. During this time I traveled, learned, experimented, met, saw, tasted, heard, ate, cried. But I don’t call myself a homesick at all!!! I love each detail of this experience, I love it because of the new things and I love it because everything just makes me look to my culture and my roots with different and better eyes.

Fortunately, I was able to come home with my whole family for the first time to spend the Holidays with my relatives.  Besides the rainy weather, common on this time of the year, every corner where I put my eyes seems to shine as they never did before and, besides the extra weight we got here, each meal leaves the feeling we could have eaten more.

One of the greatest things that happened though was to see my grand-grandmother’s cookbook again, the 83 years old book I’d better call a magic one. Traveling through the pages, I’m more and more amazed to discover the big meaning food has on the life of a nation, how it shapes our identity and how it helps to keep our sweetest memories.

So, New Year’s resolutions??  Keeping old things alive!!!

I don’t want to turn a page, to start all over again or promise everything is going to be different for the next year, at least when the subject is food.  I want to bring back memories and good feelings and the idea that people we used to love will always be present through the tastes of the food we ate together.

7 Responses to “New Year’s resolution!!”

  1. Melissa

    I love that you have your grandmother’s cookbook and shared a photo of it. what a wonderful treasure! I just stumbled on your blog a few days ago and I love it!

  2. Marcella

    These pictures are great! I am excited to read your blog and see what recipes you have coming… I will be studying in South America (Chile actually) from January to July and HOPEFULLY I will be able to visit Brazil!

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  3. amanda areias

    Marcella!! What a great experience. As a foreigner living in a different culture I can say thats a life time experience!!! Hope you like yours!!!
    And hope you like Brazil! If you need any tip about food, feel free to ask ok??

  4. Becky

    How can I help bring this resolution to life?!
    Looks like it was a wonderful trip home!

  5. amanda areias

    Becky, sorry, haven’t answer your comment before! We had a amazing time in Brazil!
    We have to get together soon!

  6. Damaris

    espetinho de camarao na praia…basico! I love your blog. I love your writing, your pictures and your recipes even if they don’t tell exactly how to do something, so Dona Benta of you! Those appetizers on top…maravilhoso!

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