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Coming back

January 16th, 2011

I tried, really!! But it was so hard to write on the last week. The time in Brazil went so fast and we spent the last days hurrying, trying to do everything, see everybody and eat every food we missed. Good news is now I’ve a lot to share, including recipes (because I know I’m in debt here)!

So, I’m starting with a very special one, a dish created by my brother Adolfo to be served in his bar and to compete in a contest as the best appetizer in the city. He didn’t win but who cares, the dish was born as a champion!!!

The name Oktauosso, something like Where’s the bone? couldn’t be more appropriated, first because it’s a joke about the way we speak in my home state, Minas Gerais, putting a lot of words together and swalloing some letters (In Portuguese it’d be Onde é que está o osso?). Second because it’s boneless chicken wings (yes, boneless chicken wings!!!), filled with smoked provolone and baked ‘til the aroma gets to the other block of the street.

For me, it’s a portrait of how we cook in Brazil, spending a lot of time in the kitchen!! And don’t ask me for the amount of ingredients, that’s a totally old school recipe and you have  to figure it out (and you can enjoy testing your own skills on the kitchen).

Here are the directions:

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