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Good Food Festival!

March 21st, 2013

amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 13

A lot of good things happening in the food world my friends. Here is a little teaser of what we saw and helped documenting at the Good Food Festival, an amazing event evolving serious talks, connecting amazing people, producers and consumers who care for a better food system. Enjoy!

amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 10amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 11
amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 07amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 01

amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 09amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 08amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 12
amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 04
amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 06amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 05amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 02amandaareias_goodfoodfestival 03

2 Responses to “Good Food Festival!”

  1. Tiffany

    Your photography is getting better and better, which is saying a lot because it was already fantastic. I am sure I will be seeing your name at the bottom of pictures in magazines often throughout my life.

  2. Tia Stockton

    Love this kind of event! My husband and I are moving to Montana in the Fall, and I hope we can find something like it.

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