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Hello my friends, miss you all! But to use a friend’s sentence here “while the blog was asleep, life was happening”.  And life right now includes not much cooking but a few personal projects, a volunteer work with and urban gardens in the city as well as an exhaustive work on my photo portfolio. Plus, it is summer and time for another road trip.

We are leaving in 4, no,  3 days and yep, we ARE heading to the west again! It is going to be a huge trip, including driving all the way to California with a detour to visit my sister in Alberta, Canada.

I just did not want to leave before saying hi and share some of the things I’ve been doing. These are photos I took for the Chicago Reader back in June, a real assignment with a REAL newspaper, which ran both online and on PRINT!!! Truly had to pinch myself when I got the paper in my hands!

The place is Parson’s Chicken&Fish, a new hot spot on Logan square and, according to the critic Mike Sula, “the place to be this summer”.

Last but not least, we were part of the Huffington Post’s Food Bloggers- the top 10 of June which brought a considerable traffic to this page and some kind new followers. So, thanks for all the support and welcome if you are new to the blog!

We’ll be back in a month with some great adventures to share  🙂

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3 Responses to “Parson’s Chicken&Fish and an assignment for Chicago Reader”

  1. Kyle M

    Just wanted to let you know your photos are absolutely wonderful. You had my mouth watering with the pictures of the fried chicken, but also made me yearn for a feel of simpler times with the shots of the the counter top and stools. As a fellow blogger I have to give you props, you’ve got yourself an awesome blog and another follower!

  2. threelittlehalves

    I just found your blog, and it’s such a treat…

  3. Tiffany

    Amanda, I just now saw these pictures… FABULOUS! I love the lines and textures you snapped. Great work, as always!!!

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