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Rio Mar Restaurant

October 6th, 2014



Can’t believe your eyes? So, pinch yourself cause it IS happening, we are back!!!  We made it just before completing a year without any posting, or 343 days to be more precise.

A much needed time to breath and grief I would say. In a short recap, last time we were packing and preparing to leave Chicago (oh my, how I miss Chicago!!). I had my final exhibit, my husband graduated and after an amazing almost 6 years journey, we packed our stuff and headed back to Brazil.

And here we are since then, in São Paulo, a huge metropolitan area with almost 19 million people, 12.500 restaurants and no beaches. I am not going to lie, tough restart trying to connect in a place I barely see as home.

Luckily, São Paulo is also a cosmopolitan city. Maybe not at the same scale as Chicago but pretty diverse when it comes to food. Last sensation is the “latino” cuisine and its restaurants, gaining visibility and finding their place all over the city.

It may sound odd but “latino” food was definitely not part of our menu when I left the country. And I can’t tell you when it all started but I know I am pretty happy with the mix and the fact we are finally recognizing our neighbors and their flavors!!!

We decided to do the same and chose the Peruvian cuisine and Rio Mar Restaurant to begin with. The owners, brothers Michael and Hosler, came to Brazil in 2011 to work in another restaurant, the already established Rinconcito Peruano. They soon took their own path, working and cooking on the streets for eight months until they had enough money to start their own business.

The place is simple but you get a good deal, everything is fresh, cooked to order and their ceviche is among the best things I’ve tasted in my life. Check it out.

3 Responses to “Rio Mar Restaurant”

  1. Ana

    We are so happy you are posting again! We so much love the post and the pictures!!


  2. valentina

    I’m over the moon you’re blogging again.

  3. Moabi

    I just came to your website to look for your holiday brigadeiro recipes and was pleasantly surprised to find you blogging again. I’m so glad, I really missed your blog! Best of luck to you and your husband in Sao Paolo

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