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Minas Gerais Special

January 21st, 2011

It’s not a secret we spent the last month in Brazil. And one of the things I like the most when I get home after a trip is to seat in front of my computer, take another look at my pictures (as if I have not done it before) and remember the good moments.

There is a lot to say, a lot to share but I can’t do that at once.

So, here is the first part, a special entrée about Minas Gerais, my home state, with places we visited, food we ate and recipes we love!

(To know more about Minas Gerais, click here)

11 Responses to “Minas Gerais Special”

  1. Melissa

    Your blog design is such a breath of fresh air and I know it must take a lot of time. Can’t wait to see the recipe for the canudos and their filling. I want to eat them off the page!

  2. amanda areias

    You are right, I need a lot of time to get a new entree done. But I enjoy it so much, and it’s such a joy to read comments like yours! Thanks and I promise to post the canudos recipe as soon as I can. I’m just planning a few things before but it’s already in my list!

  3. amanda areias

    Melissa, just to let you know, the canudos recipe is coming next week!

  4. Simone

    Beautiful…Being a Brazilian myself those pics make me more and more homesick in this winterwithoutend days.

  5. Damaris

    Fala serio! I fell like you need a paypal button so I can deposit some money. I feel selfish consuming your beautiful posts for free. Are you a professional designer? Artist? I love your work and not just because minha Vo eh Mineira, and I miss Brazil like crazy and because canudos sao tudo de bom.

  6. Angelica M

    I loved your blog! I am Damaris friend and love blogs with good Brazilian recipes like yours! Thanks a lot!

  7. amanda areias

    Angelica, I’m glad you liked the blog. Hope see you here again!

  8. Helen

    I absolutely love how unique your blog is! The dulce de leche in the canudos is just divine and Grandma is adorable. I look forward to reading many more posts!

  9. Luciane

    I’m so proud of this post about Minas! You are blessed! Thanks for sharing something so beautiful and special.

  10. heidi

    Minas Gerais is my favorite place in Brazil. Reading this brought back so many wonderful memories! Thanks!

  11. amanda areias

    Hi Heidi!! I’m happy you know Minas! Thanks for stopping at Give me flour!

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