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Sticking to my promise

February 15th, 2011

I couldn’t wait for this new entry. Seriously! First because I’m still stuck on the sofa with my foot up, bored!!! And a new post is always exciting.

Second because this recipe was a challenge. I have to confess I’d never made it before. It’s so much easier to buy sheets of eggroll or “massa para pastel”, as we call it in Brazil.

But for this specific treat the stuff we find on the grocery store, they really don’t work. The dough should be thinner and lighter in order to give the perfect result: a thin, crispy, crunchy shell lightly salted, dignified to welcome the king of all desserts, an indulgent dulce de leche.

So, I looked on the internet, did some research and ended up with this recipe. I tested, made just a few adjustments and here it’s, my fulfilled promise: CANUDO DOUGH RECIPE.

And the best thing, I got to play with flour again!

*Cachaça, pinga or aguardente is a spirit made from fermented sugar cane and it’s the most popular distilled beverage in Brazil. It is typically between 38% and 54% alcohol by volume. And the alcohol is exactly what gives the crispness to this dough. So, you can’t avoid this key ingredient but can easily switch it for vodka or silver tequila.

Mix flour and salt in a bowl. Make a hole in the center, add vinegar, cachaça or vodka, oil, water and stir with a spoon to combine. Flour a flat surface and knead the dough, as if you were making bread. Here comes the secret of this recipe: the dough should be firm but neither hard or sticky. If it’s too hard, add a few drops of water and keep working. As it gets kneaded it will become smoother, be patient.

After kneading it’s time to give the dough some rest. Cover it with plastic wrap and keep in the fridge for at least an hour or up to 3 days.

Cut the dough in four pieces and start to work with one at a time. Don’t forget to keep the other ones covered.

Roll out the first piece of dough, as symmetrically as you can, shaping it to a 10X6 inch rectangle. A pasta machine would work nicely here but this dough is malleable enough to be rolled by hand too. Just a tip: if the dough is still too hard to roll and didn’t get the right thickness yet, cover and let it rest for 5 minutes and then try again.  You can repeat this process as much as necessary, especially before cutting the dough to prevent any contraction.

When you hit approximately 1/20 inch (thinner than a eggroll but thicker than a filo dough), cut in 1/2X6 inch stripes. Each quarter of dough should give you approximately 15 stripes.

Keep the dough covered while shaping the cones. Start from the thicker side of the mold and roll the stripe around it, leaving the edges visible to make the unmold stage easier.

Be careful to not overlap too much dough, otherwise it won’t fry as it should and you are going to have a thick and unpleasant cone.

Deep fry in vegetable oil at 350ºF until golden and crispy.  Drain and let it cool before unmolding.

Fill with dulce de leche just before serving or store in a container at room temperature up to 3 days.

This recipe gives you approximately 60 cones. And the amount of dulce de leche is up to you!!

And since it’s a super versatile dough, you don’t have to use the whole recipe just for making cones; you can play with different shapes too. And it goes with savory fillings as well. Use your imagination!!!

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  1. Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

    Love your photos and even though I don’t usually like deep-fried things I’d be first in line to grab a handful of these :).

  2. Debs @ Acquiredish

    Never heard of this before, but anything with vodka is right up my street LOL.

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    Great pictures ….really good Job

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    Nice work. You keep working on this blog please.

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    Absolutely stunning photography, I just love the vintagey feel ^_^

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