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Green (peas), eggs and ham

March 4th, 2011

I was surprised to find yesterday published 15 ways to make peas. That was exactly my major ingredient for the new post!!

I found it on the grocery store a few weeks ago, a tray of shiny and greenly fresh peas almost talking to me. I had to take them home!! You may be asking yourself “Did she keep the peas until today?”. No, I wouldn’t’ do that, frozen peas are available all year long and fresh peas are kind of a treasure. In fact, it was the first time I saw them here.

So, I prepared my recipe, shot my pics and saved everything for this week. And then came Saveur!

But that’s just fine. I’m actually happy because it shows that in the kitchen possibilities are endless, and you can’t say you don’t like one ingredient until you had tasted it in different ways.

It just sends me to my other subject, Doctor Seuss. Obvious? Did you hear about him the whole entire week? Did you prepare green, eggs and ham with your toddlers, read books and draw a picture to celebrate his birthday?  Well, at least here in my neighborhood a lot of moms did that. I’m sorry American folks if I’m boring you with all the same talking you’ve been hearing but for me it’ll never be a cliché.

I admire and see it as an example and inspiration. I’m not talking about him; this man definitely has his place in our life now, teaching my daughters and myself a LOT of English.

But I’m talking about all the celebration of Doctor Seuss Birthday. It makes him a living character, vividly participating in his own stories while gathering kids and books. I wish I could have blown a candle for each one of my favorite writers too.

Oh, yeah, that’s a blog about food. So, a different way to make peas and my interpretation of green peas, eggs and ham is here. You can try my recipe, one of the 15 Saveur gave to us or get to use your creativity as Dr. Seuss.

Good Luck!

First, prepare the peas. Bring a pot with water to a boil over medium-high heat. Add peas and cook until tender. The time depends on which kind of pea you are using. Mine took about 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, fill a bow with cold water and ice cubes. When the peas are already cooked, drain them and transfer to cold water. This process called blanching or “shocking” breaks the cooking process immediately and gives to vegetables such as peas, broccoli or green beans an extra crispness, color and flavor.

While the peas cool down, prepare two sauté pans (non stick is better). We are going to sauté the peas with feta cheese in one pan; the other one is for frying the eggs and crisping the ham. I like to do both on the same time so everything is on the same temperature when it’s time to eat.

Don’t be scared, it’s a very simple and quick process and it helps even more if you have all the ingredients on hand.

Heat the pans with 2 tbsp olive oil each. On the first one, place the eggs and ham and let them cook, watching them while you prepare the peas.

On the other pan, add thyme, garlic, cook for a few seconds and add the peas. Cook for two minutes and add the cheese.  Now you can decide if you want your cheese totally melted. Actually, I like mine melted and with a little crispy crusts joining the peas. Add salt, peppers and basil.

Check your eggs and ham; it’s time to assemble the plates.

If you have ramekins and small and individual bows, that’s the perfect moment to use them. Start with peas on bottom, add ham and put one egg on top of each dish.  Garnish with more thyme and basil.

12 Responses to “Green (peas), eggs and ham”

  1. Bianca

    You are amazingly creative! I am always so impressed by your ideas and your photos! :0)

  2. amanda areias

    Thanks Bianca! You are sweet! By the way, I love your email adress :))

  3. Josie Lee Suská

    Hi there, I just stumbled across this post (as a die-hard egg lover I’m compelled to check out every incredible egg picture!) You’ve got great photos and design. I’m excited to check out the rest of your blog!

  4. amanda areias

    Jo, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you liked the blog. Let’s keep in touch!

  5. Julie Marie

    this looks so wonderful. I don’t eat meat and it still appeals to me, so by my standards it is very awesome! 🙂
    Oh and I love the way you put your recipes together, makes me feel like I am ready a journal.

  6. amanda areias

    Julie, thanks! You may try just the peas with feta cheese, they are good by itself also!

  7. pet

    Hello, nice to come to your blog!

  8. Candy

    Beautiful blog and wonderful recipe. Any suggestions on a cheese substitute? I can’t do feta but worry what the recipe would be like without it. Thanks!

  9. amanda areias

    Hi Candy, Thanks for stopping by! About the cheese, there’s no rules at all, you can use any kind of fresh cheese such as fresh mozzarella. I love feta and all kinds of goat cheese 🙂

  10. Kay

    This looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it out in my new Le Creuset ramekins!

  11. Candy

    Thanks! Goat cheese is an awesome idea.

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