Thanks for your patience! I can say I’m totally back now; I just needed some time to put things on their right place.

It’s always good to go to Brazil and to see family again but all the talk about hospitals and health care just made me want my home back very badly. But among not so pleasant stuff I did eat things I love and visited a few new (to me) restaurants that gave me a lot of ideas for future posts and pics.

Thanks to Bar da Dona Onça, churros are one of them. When those hot and crispy little churros with a bowl of dulce de leche came to our table I immediately knew I was about to start my 2012 off on my right foot.

You won’t believe what a batch of churros can do for you!! It can even bright a cloudy and cold winter day! So, this recipe was carefully created to help you get over your problems and put a smile in your face.


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