If I could choose one thing from the Northern hemisphere to take with me it would be the changing of seasons. I’m really, really jealous about each tiny aspect of it. The breeze that announces summer is over and berries that announce summer just began again; melting and muddy snow telling winter’s gone and its same hard flakes predicting a cold and grey winter came to stay.

Spring, well, it’s an entirely new concept to me now. It’s not all about flowers – we do have flowers in Brazil, and they adorn my precious land all year round – but the expectation of it, the little tiny springs beginning to show up to colour the trees, the hidden sun starting to shine,  warming us up and giving the real meaning winter is over.

And last but not least, there’s fall. It is not the grey season anymore, stopping summer to play around, showing we have responsibilities and life can’t be a timeless picnic – or carnival, depending on where you are. Instead, fall is unusual (to me) palette of colours that combined with chilly air and the sound of crunch leaves makes me a hungry girl!!

So, these little pumpkin and goat cheese pocket pies are just the beginning, an appetizer to welcome the tastiest season of all!!


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